Fix Silverlight Plugin Crash- Manual and Automatic Ways of Fixing

Follow easy steps in the following tutorial to repair Silverlight Plugin crashing.

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The role of Microsoft Silverlight is very similar to that of Adobe Flash Player. It enables running Rich Internet Applications consisting of streaming media, graphics, multimedia and animation.

Silverlight plugin may crash at different intervals. For some users it crashes when they load a particular website, while for others it crashes while playing audio & videos. Sometime it doesn’t matter what you’re actually doing.

Below message shall appear followed by the crash:

“The Silverlight plugin has crashed. (Click to) Send crash report”

Silverlight plugin crash


Following are the different ways available to fix Silverlight crashes:

  • Start Tablet PC Input Service
  • Re-Setup your Internet Privacy Settings
  • Scan and Repair Silverlight Settings
  • Rename MSPR.HDS File from PlayReady Folder
  • Turn Off Hardware Acceleration
  • Disable & Re-Enable Silverlight
  • Reinstall Silverlight Plugin

Start Tablet PC Input Service

Microsoft Silverlight uses a file called WISPTIS.EXE. This file is related with the Tablet PC Input Service. For the smooth functioning of the plugin this service must be running. Check-out the list of running services and re-start this particular service to fix Silverlight crash.

Start Tablet PC Input Service

  • Click Start, select Run.
  • Press ENTER.
  • The Services program shall initiate a list of all the services- both running and stopped. Scroll down to see the status of Tablet PC Input Service.
  • If it is stopped please right click it, select Properties. In the new dialog, select Startup Type as Automatic. Then click Start | OK | Close. This shall fix Silverlight crashing issue.

Re-Setup your Internet Privacy Settings

Are you experiencing Silverlight crashes at the time you stream a videos on Netflix? If so, change the privacy settings of your web browser in such a way that they’ll fix Silverlight plugin crash. Following steps shall give you a better idea:

Start Tablet PC Input Service

  • Open Internet Explorer. Press Alt key of your keyboard to show the menu bar.
  • Click Tools, select Internet Options.
  • In the new dialog click Privacy tab.
  • Click on the Sites button.
  • Paste under Address of Website textbox. Click Allow button to permit it always using cookies regardless of other privacy settings.
    Note: Replace the website address if you’re experiencing said problem on some different website.
  • Click OK | OK. Restart your browser to fix Silverlight crashes.
  • If the problem still persists, repeat the above Steps until Step 5. In the Step 5, despite of clicking Allow button, please select the website entry and click on Block.

Scan and Repair Silverlight Settings

Silverlight settings are mostly saved in the registry. Registry is a database containing data stored by application software and your operating system.

Your registry is most likely became corrupted. There could be a few entries with wrong information that cause constant Silverlight crashes. Scanning and deleting such entries can fix Silverlight plugin crash. Here’s how:

  • Download, install and run a Registry Cleaner software.
  • Click the Start Scan button.
  • The scan process may take a few minutes. Please keep patience.
  • Once the scan process is finished, please click Fix Errors button. The repair process shall start automatically.

Rename MSPR.HDS File from PlayReady Folder

You may experience Silverlight crashing problem if there are problems with the MSPR.HDS file. If you’re not able to watch your Netflix videos due to Silverlight crashes please follow the steps given below:

  • Open My Computer.
  • Locate the following path:
  • Right click MSPR.HDS file and select Rename.
  • Specify a new name as MSPR_Backup.HDS

Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

You might be experiencing Silverlight crash due to conflicts with the driver setups. Turn off Hardware Acceleration feature to fix Silverlight plugin crash.

  • Open Mozilla Firefox and click the Firefox button on top left side corner. For earlier versions of Firefox, please click Tools | Options.
  • In the new dialog click Advanced tab.
  • Under Browsing heading uncheck the checkbox named Use hardware acceleration when available.
  • Click OK and restart the browser.

Disable and Re-Enable Silverlight

Try disabling and re-enabling the Silverlight plugin. It might help you to fix Silverlight plugin crash. The steps are given below:

Hardware Acceleration

  • Open a new tab in Google Chrome.
  • Type about:plugins in the Address Bar textbox.
  • A list of all plugins shall generate. Click Disable appearing under Microsoft Silverlight heading.
  • Close the Plugin tab.

Reinstall Silverlight Plugin

Reinstalling Silverlight plugin can fix any problems belonging with its installation and files. The process is very simple. It is given below.

  • Close any open web browsers and Cloud based applications.
  • Click Start | Control Panel | Programs | Uninstall a Program.
  • Select Microsoft Silverlight, click Uninstall and follow the wizard.
  • After finishing please restart your computer.
  • Click here to visit the Microsoft Silverlight Official Webpage to download the latest version available.

A few minutes can save you months of frustration and speed loss