Registry Cleaner:

Through Registry Cleaner function in RegInOut the users can clean and repair corrupt/broken Windows Registry items. Moreover, it gives custom scan option so that users can check/uncheck the selected Registry items. The “Start Scan” button process registry scan and “Fix Errors” button cleans/repairs Windows Registry errors.

System Cleaner:

System junk files are supposed to be the key cause for system’s slow performance. The System Cleaner function in RegInOut cleans junk files and makes your system extremely fast. The “Analyze” button gives you analysis of redundant items stored in your system. The “Clean” button deletes these redundant items.

Internet Optimizer:

Internet Optimizer is function which optimize browser and gives you fast internet speed. Moreover, Internet Optimizer feature lets you adjust internet speed for best browsing performance.

Browser Cleaner:

The Browser Cleaner function in RegInOut cleans browser cache, cookies, internet history and download history. A user may clean unnecessary browser data to optimize browsing speed as well as it helps to avoid privacy theft. It does not clean users Bookmarks URLs and passwords.

Registry Defrag:

Windows Registry is system database where information about softwares, programs, and hardware stored in a compact form. Daily system usage enhances and scatters Windows Registry items. Registry Defrag function reorganize Windows Registry. It makes system’s speed faster.

Startup Manager:

Startup Manager is function in RegInOut which give technology solution to the users to manage Windows startup programs. A computer user may speed up his/her PC by managing startup programs. You may select a program and disable or remove it from the startup programs list.

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