Google Software Principles

This web site and its content is published by Sorcim Technologies. Sorcim provide technology tweaks through its manual as well as technology solutions. Sorcim regard Google software principles and follow all standard business rules.

The solutions mentioned in Silverlight Plugin Crash also comply with the Google software principles and strictly believes in user protection and privacy.


The product(s) developed by Sorcim Technologies such as RegInOut do not proceed with forced installation. Its your personal consent whether you want to install RegInOut on your system or not. Our product(s) do not contain any additional software or toolbar.

Upfront Disclosure:

End User License agreement (EULA) is an integral part of our software product(s) installation process. Reading EULA is compulsory to continue installation process. Our software product(s) do not promote third party links or advertisements. Product(s) price is explicit on the web site, therefore there is no ambiguity regarding prices.

Simple Removal:

Sorcim Technologies believes in user authority. Our all product(s) such as RegInOut possess simple removal procedure. User may remove our software product(s) through control panel. Removal will not affect your system performance.

Clear Behavior:

Sorcim Technologies has developed technology solutions such as RegInOut to resolve computer troubles. Sorcim gives complete control of its software product(s) to the users. They can install and uninstall the product(s) on their own. The software product(s) will never change your personal or system settings.


Viewing or applying the solutions published in this web site does not require any personal information. Moreover, the software product(s) recommended in this web site (RegInOut) does not require personal information before its installation. We strictly follow the privacy policy, standard business rules and business ethics.

Keeping Good Company:

Sorcim Technologies believe in ethical business practices. We do not promote third party links and our software product(s) are made to provide fast and smooth computing experience to the users.

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